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Ideas for Displaying Jewelry in Brick & Mortar Store

Ideas for Displaying Jewelry in Brick & Mortar Store

Retail merchandising is one of those things that can make or break the success of your store. When implemented correctly, visual merchandising can lead customers to the right products, entice them to buy, and create an excellent in-store experience.

Our Packaging

When you buy from us, you are in for a treat. Each piece comes carded on a Chocolate and Steel jewelry card with information about the piece and our process. There are two packaging options - compostable cellophane sleeve or our beautiful branded box. To choose the box packaging, select that option here.


The box and card are made from recycled materials. The cellophane sleeve is compostable. There is so much waste generated in commerce and we are committed to reduce it.

Wondering what the best way is to display your Chocolate and Steel jewelry?  We've got you covered.  

In-Store Jewelry Box Display

If you have the space and opt for boxes, this is a fantastic way to display your full collection of quote necklaces. This is a great way to maximize vertical space while creating a moment to pause. This was created with inexpensive baseboard trim to create the ledge, using wood glue to adhere to the wooden back.

shallow shelves display jewelry boxes


In-Store Displays without Boxes

Displays make for a quick and easy set up.  They also make it easy to see what items need to be reordered. These displays work well with other products on your tabletops and counter spaces. Sterling silver and gold jewelry pop against the dark wood bringing lots of attention to the collection.


Our Jewelry Card Display is the perfect solution for displaying earrings.  It also works well for our wrap rings that also come carded with the quote printed on the card.


 The 8 notch and 5 notch Vertical Displays can also be used horizontally.

Print out a card with the quotes you offer. Hang the necklaces next to it in order. This display works both horizontal and vertical. More info here.

Horizontal Displays


In your store you might want to just use what you have! One of our favorite display accents is Himalayan salt blocks.  Just beware that they do capture the moisture in the air and can get wet. 



Display Ideas

Here are some of our favorite merchandising and display ideas that we found online. While most of these require a saw to make, let it get your mind flowing with ideas.  Find a set of beautiful coasters to hold your rings. Start collecting large rocks when you are at the beach. Throw some color on a framed small canvas and use it as a backdrop to hang necklaces.