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Our mission is to empower women with genuine expressions of acceptance, love and strength in the form of jewelry, with sustainability and giving back woven throughout.


Core Values:

  1. SELF EXPRESSION: Be you in an adventurous, curious, empowered and mindful way
  2. ACCEPTANCE: Take a stance on beliefs and openness
  3. CREATING: Creating and evolving, master of your trade  
  4. INTEGRITY: Accepting and treating people and things with kindness, respect and love.
  5. PEOPLE: Helping others – building American small business/local economy
  6. SUSTAINABILITY: Woven throughout supply chain and business practices

Christine Street, Chocolate and Steel’s Founder and Designer, was shaped by her childhood in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Raised amongst orange trees, in the shade of avocado trees and baked in the hot summer sun. Originally destined for a career in fashion, life took a swerve after the birth of her first child. Seeking a way to express her creativity full-time, Christine launched her jewelry line officially in 2003.

As her creativity has evolved so have the designs and collections, while maintaining her signature style. The laid back, sun baked vibes of Los Angeles seep into every design. A gratitude for all that have helped along the way are the inspiration for the line. Christine’s work remains fused with her love of the outdoors and positive spirit.  More of Christine’s personal story here.

Inspired by self-expression and adventure, Chocolate and Steel is a handcrafted jewelry line born amongst the creative bustle of Los Angeles. Dedicated to encouraging curiosity, mindfulness, and acceptance, her designs are empowering and heartfelt. The collections formed from precious metals and stones are handcrafted in her solar-powered studio with sustainability woven into their supply chain and business practices. Every time you purchase Chocolate and Steel you are upholding the values of supporting small business, fair labor practices, quality craftsmanship from quality material, sustainability, and eco-conscious practices.



Chocolate and Steel has grown into a team of really lovely people!


In the design studio we have:


Another jane-of all trades, she handles packaging, shipping, wire wrapping and making sure our products are 100% fabulous before they come to you. But she also does graphic design work too!  And she models her ears for us – she has really great ears!


Christine leads the creative vision as Creative Director, while still designing and making all collections that empower women and speak to the soul of our customers.  In addition, she is the head our wholesale sales division.  


There is so much to running a business and Jennifer handles it all. Marketing, photography, e-commerce and design assistance. With impeccable style she brings all of these elements together to represent Chocolate and Steel in a beautiful way.