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At Chocolate and Steel, we're committed to making business choices that contribute to a healthy environment, support local economy, and make the world a better place.

Jewelry studio using recycled sterling silver


The Chocolate and Steel studio makes every effort to tread lightly on our planet.  The studio is powered by wind and solar energy through a program offered by our utility company.  We use recycled paper goods for our packaging and store and reuse any other shipping materials we receive.  The studio is stocked with reusable plates & utensils so nothing is thrown away.


Our manufacturing processes are also eco-friendly. All jewelry pieces are made with recycled sterling silver, even the gold vermeil option is recycled sterling silver with 14kt gold over it.  We avoid harsh chemicals in our manufacturing whenever possible.  And any pieces that do not pass our quality control are melted down and refined to be used again.  In addition, all of our jewelry is nickel free.

Our packaging is made with recyclable materials, including compostable bags for our wholesale accounts. 


All of our jewelry is made in the USA, even our chains are manufactured here in the states.  By keeping all aspects of our process in the US we help support our local economy.  Many of our employees are parents so our studio hours support the schedule needed to juggle both a career and a family.